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In Uberlândia [MG] and São Paulo [SP] for some work and fun :)


For organizations, educational programs & events

Sharing knowledge & skills/

. Bootcamp/workshop
. Talk/lecture
. Mentoring/coaching

Making innovation happen/

. Collaborating on and/or leading innovation projects
. Research, design and/or prototyping

Drivers & reasons/

. Growth through innovation
. Existing challenge not solved by previous attempts
. Application of new technologies
. Improve your customer experience
. Develop innovation-related expertise

*I collaborate with a network of experts and partners to complement my work, if needed.

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For consultancies, studios & creative agencies

Merging competencies/

. Collaborating on innovation projects
. From proposal to execution
. Advisory/coaching on specific skills

Drivers & reasons/

. My skills would add value to your projects
. Create/evolve your innovation-related offerings
. Develop innovation-related expertise

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design stance

integrating perspectives

Customer experience + Organization's opportunities + Social good

Design + Business + Tech

Present + Future


Outcomes/impact over Method/discipline

Systems over Objects

Values over Purpose over Strategy

Essential over Complete



[strategy, entrepreneurship, growth through innovation. Bachelor degree]

[design thinking, product-service system, behavioral, interaction. Master degree]

[application of disruptive tech, tech-driven innovation, design-driven tech]

[reasoning, learning, biases, habits, language]

[systemic thinking, complexity, co-opetition]

working range

Concept + Implementation

Strategy + Execution

Research + Design + Prototyping & Validation

Competencies for prototyping [3D modelling & printing + web wireframing, UI & coding + graphic design + arduino]


*part of what I am able to share

#ServiceDesign #ProductDesign #Arduino #InternetOfThings

Designing and prototyping a product-service system based on smart soles

Designing and prototyping a product-service system based on smart soles

Develop a relevant smart sole and ideate concepts for its application

A smart sole prototype to detect and predict health [knee and ankle] issues, as the concrete core of a broader service to connect the user with a network of health professionals, and provide them relevant data

#ProductDesign #NewBusiness

Designing new products and new business models for a B2C market

Designing new products and new business models for a B2C market

Develop a solution to help people carry their groceries, while being attractive to consumers, supermarkets, and environmental institutions

Validated product prototypes and business model for the near and mid-term future

#BusinessRedesign #NewServices

[Re]designing a new business model, including new products, services, platforms, partnerships and more

[Re]designing a new business model, including new products, services, platforms, partnerships and more

Build a compelling and financially sustainable model to keep pursuing their mission of improving education through teachers

A [re]designed organization, including new business model, products, services, platforms, partnerships and more. New service:

#Mentoring #Training #InnovationCulture

Challenge-based training and mentoring on innovation to a team of leaders

Challenge-based training and mentoring on innovation to a team of leaders

Shift the organizational culture and capabilities on innovation through a team of leaders

A 8 months intense training and mentoring program focused on innovation, through a transdisciplinary approach [human + arts + business + tech + design], applied to challenge-based projects, which led to real solutions

#Training #DesginThinking

Challenged-based innovation training program

Challenged-based innovation training program

Sebrae SP


Improve managers' innovation capabilities

A 4 months educational program exploring and applying design thinking to develop solutions to real challenges

#ProductDesign #BlindPeople #Award

Social good through product design. 1st prize award

Social good through product design. 1st prize award


Innovate on glass jars, considering the current Veralia's technical capabilities

A glass jar design that brings new meanings and cares about blind people. On one side, icons. On the other, braille language. Click here for more

#FutureStrategy #PortfolioRedesign

Future trends studies and strategy formulation for the next 15 years

Future trends studies and strategy formulation for the next 15 years

Explore future trends and scenarios for the next 15 years to redesign their strategies and projects for the future

A broad research on future trends and scenarios with further strategy and project portfolio transformation. Published content:

Other [kinds of] projects

. Coepiphany - A service to connect experienced learners with great experts and curated content. Currently going through a major change. Looking forward to launching the next version. If you are interested in joining it, let me know.
. Facing the world - Photos of my back in cool places. From 2006 to present.
. A book about the metaphors we use to talk about love. No idea if, when and how it is going to be published.
. Check some good books.


*explicitly bragging content

"Max is a connector: Max’s thought process navigates from a deep understanding of the challenge at hand and empathy creation with the actors involved to the identification (and also development) of frameworks that organize the piecemeal."
Wendeline van der Feltz | LinkedIn profile
Project Manager @SONAE - Fundação Belmiro de Azevedo

"Max is a great speaker. He is charismatic, an expert and a powerful presenter. The level of satisfaction of the audience was great, and for me it is clear the reason for that. I strongly recommend him to be part of your event or congress."
Alexandre Del Rey | LinkedIn profile
Head of Strategy&Business Intelligence @Voith Hydro
Advisor @SCIP Brazil
Speaker & Author

"Max attacks work projects with unparalleled enthusiasm. When I worked with Max he assembled a business case for a highly constrained problem, and did an excellent job developing the content and presenting it to the client. He is also an really great teammate and a lot of fun to work with. His character is matched only by his ability to get things done."
Jason Robertson | LinkedIn profile
Product Research @Harry's Grooming

"Max is a highly differentiated professional. He has a vast knowledge in Humanities , Art, Business Design, and Innovation. He developed the job to which he was hired in an impeccable way, continuously adding value to the company and to employees who had contact with him. Congratulations for the excellent work and dedication!"
Bruna Mainente | LinkedIn profile
Strategy & Innovation Senior Consultant @Symnetics


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